About this Single Mum blog

I was inspired to write this blog about life as an unexpected single mum by my sister. I visited her to lick my wounds and come to terms with becoming a single mum so unexpectantly and being ‘left holding the baby’ (you can read why and how in The Bombshell of Being an Unexpected Single Mum). One of my friends had suggested to write down how I was feeling so I could revisit my emotions to compare how I feel in the future. I told my sister this and she suggested a blog instead.

I had spent hours talking, thinking and rehashing past events that had led to me becoming a single mum, so the first piece I wrote just flowed. It was so therapeutic that I knew a blog was the way forward. Perhaps I was stronger than I thought? Perhaps I could support others in my position to stay strong for their little ones?

I also want this blog to be a memoir for my beautiful daughter and amazing family. Photos and video capture things in image and time but do they capture an emotion or thought? I hope this blog about my journey as a single mum can do all of those these things and that my daughter can be as proud of me as I already am of her at only 3 months old.


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