This weekend, baby girl and I set off on an airplane to sunny Devon to visit my sister. I couldn’t face the 5 hour journey so a flight from Manchester seemed ideal. It also seemed like a good idea to do a trial run before a longer flight to Spain in a few weeks- who’d have thought I’d travelled to Hong Kong when she was 7 months old?! God it’s easier when they don’t walk and talk! It was- we were there in no time, baby girl didn’t kick off about being in the car seat and we arrived without me feeling stressed or knackered. What a glorious weekend to choose! The sun was out and my folks were there too as it was my Mum’s birthday and baby girl was the little adorable firecracker she can be rather than the temper tantrum beast she has occasionally become in recent weeks. I have been having another bout of sleep issues recently and spoke to the Health Visitor at length about a new age appropriate sleep training routine as seemingly letting her cry no longer works just causes more anxiety. Yet, weirdly, I have had the best sleep this weekend. Baby girl has been staying up late but we have also been tiring her out with sea air. Perhaps also because we slept in the same room baby girl was comforted and slept through like a dream. It was a mini break because I slept and because we did wonderful holiday things like a boat ride and the beach. It was also a mini break from the old routine and the calm before the storm before hardcore sleep training begins. I now feel warmed by the sun, refreshed and ready for some bumpy nights.


One thought on “Mini-Break

  1. A 5 hour drive does sound incredibly tough…though I think it’s really brave to face a flight (and all that hanging around in an airport!) you say, a walking talking child!

    So glad you had a nice weekend, and hope you have a nice time in Spain too!

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