The Baby Chronicles – 20 months


Where do I start, my darling girl? It’s been a while since I have written about your wonder and charm. I can’t believe how clever you are. This morning, your Daddy came round to collect you and I told him you could count to 10. He didn’t believe us because you were so sheepish. But I got out the ‘Hello Kitty’ counting book we got out from the library the other day and we started to count. You mouthed the words at first and as you were sat on your Daddy’s knee he couldn’t see your mouth move and didn’t believe you could do it. As we turned the pages, your confidence grew and sure enough, by page 9 and 10 you pointed and counted in order without your Mummy’s help. Daddy simply cried “WOW!”. Wow indeed, clever girl! I’m sure it is our love of playing hide and seek where I count to 10 and counting every step we go down that has helped you to learn.

You’re not just clever but funny too. You know your colours as well now and a funny joke you and me have together is when I ask you what colour my hair is. Everytime you answer differently and giggle away- this morning it was “pink!’. last weekend your Aunty Becky came to visit and she would pretend to sniff you like a doggy – you loved it! Since then, you like me to do it and you cry “again!”. I’ve added to our game an impersonation of a cat too and you ride my back like I’m a horsey! We also love singing and dancing together – you know all the words to “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Wind the Bobbin Up”. What fun we have in our new home!

You also love cooking and always want to “look look” when I make something and I let you help me with simple tasks. Your newest biggest word is “Cinnamon” which you pat from the pot onto your porridge. Will you be a chef? Over the last few weeks we have baked cup-cakes, made homemade pizza and Rice Krispie cakes. I let you rummage in my box of baking ingredients and you pretend you are cooking- you are so creative!

I can’t wait until you can talk properly in proper sentences – you are so nearly there but I am a little worried about how bossy you might be! I’m also a very relieved Mummy that you no longer hate the car seat and are sleeping properly again in your bed. What battles we have had there. But just remember: Mummy loves you and knows best!

You are the love of my love, beautiful girl.


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