The Baby Chronicles: 11 Months

I cannot believe how charming and loving you are. My favourite sound is you giggling and attempting to speak with me and my favourite sensation is when you give me a big wet kiss! You can now stand unsupported but you lack confidence to do it for very long and you can walk freely with your baby walker. I can’t wait until you get the balance to walk by yourself. Still no toothypegs yet but a few sleepless nights, dribbling and a high temperature tell me they are on their way.

You love to play games. Only today you were flinging your blanket over your head to play peek a boo! You were showing off to your grandparents and played it with Gramps at the dinner table too. This time when he moved his head to the left you would follow his gaze and then again to the right, giggling away. Yesterday, you decided that you were going to place your Spag Bol on your head during dinner. You weren’t trying to be naughty it’s just that I play a silly game when we are playing where I place your toys on my head as hats to make you laugh. You now try to do the same – but I wasn’t expecting you to do it with your food! It was hilarious! How we laughed together!

Meal times are brilliant. You love your food and I love that I can take you to fancy restaurants and you will happily sit and eat with the adults. Your nursery, which you have settled into magnificently, even comment that you eat as much as the 2 year olds! A game that is increasingly messy is you dropping things from your highchair. Thank God I got a cleaner when I went back to work!


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