The Baby Chronicles: 10 Months

You are officially the most wonderful baby in all the world. You are inquisitive and love to explore around the house: literally climbing the walls and ransacking the shelves and table tops. You can walk now with the aid of your baby zimmerframe and can stand unaided for a few seconds until you wobble. When you do it you look so accomplished and happy with yourself. Not long and I’m sure you will be walking unaided. I still want to eat you up and frequently snort around your neck saying “I’m going to eat you up like a piggy!” You think this is very funny and giggle like mad.

I also like to call you monkey face. You still pull wonderful faces and squint your eyes, just like your Daddy. You are now getting better at attempting to use a spoon when you eat but dinner time has to be just so with everything at the right temperature or you will go into melt down and cause an almighty mess, launching everything from the highchair. A cheeky monkey indeed.

By night you are now a dream. I am proud of myself and of you for sticking to our routine and you sleep through the night. Apart from the other day when you had diarrhea! Your explosive bum kept you up! What I love the most is going into your bedroom first thing in the morning and you are waiting patiently for me to arrive, whilst quietly playing with your toys. We are both so pleased to see each other and your face fills me with joy. Our day together can begin, in which the joy multiplies in your company until you are ready to go to bed again. I am back to work full time next week and I will miss you so. We shall have to make the most of the time we have together – swimming, music and baby dance classes are lined up and ready to go on my day off. I can’t wait to see you blossom further in all you do!


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