The Baby Chronicles: 9 Months

You have lived outside of my body for as long as you lived inside of me. To think that you started as a seed and have grown into to the beautiful girl you are today.

You can crawl now and love to roam around the floor picking up your toys. However, Mummy’s toys appear to hold far more interest – remote controls, mobile phone and car keys. Your favourite trick is to drop them off the couch or high chair just so I can pick them up pass them back to you for you to giggle as you drop them again, and again and again. You are very clever and very playful and still love hoisting yourself into standing – especially when in the bath. Not ideal for a safe bathtime, baby girl!

You also love it when I put you on my head and say, ‘Where’s Athena gone?” I then woosh you down to the floor or to my lap and you love the motion giggling and smiling away. Your giggles melt my heart especially when I sing you silly songs about throwing socks in your face or flying to the moon and you love it when I blow raspberries on your belly.

You impress all your relatives: grandparents and aunties. They think you are the best thing in the world and spoil you rotten. And quite right too! They think you are the cleverest little girl in the world and I couldn’t agree more – you love to dance and rock on your bottom or from side to side when you hear a song you like as well as clapping your hands.

You have always made fantastic noises with your mouth but you are starting to mimic brilliantly now – we were convinced you said ‘duck’ the other day in context and I know you call me ‘Mama’. Your new sound you like to make is sniffing out and in through your nose whilst squinting your eyes – boy do you look like your Daddy when you do that!

You love your Mummy as much as I love you as you give me the most terribly wet open-mouthed kisses like a vampire – they are the best kisses and hugs I know and cheer me up no end, kind girl.

So, my darling, you are clever, musical, kind, active, funny, playful and beautiful. I wonder what other talents you will show over the next month?


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