The Baby Chronicles – 8 Months

So far this period in baby girl’s life is my favourite. She is so alert, clever and responsive and she is learning everyday. She also has that glint in her eye like she knows she is brilliant and wants to get up to mischief. She’s the best person I’ve ever met.

Her new favourite thing is to pull on my hair or eat it, leaving me with sticky hair by the end of the day. It started off as cute but now she is stronger it hurts! The other day she also discovered she could hoist herself up into a standing position by holding onto my hands. Since then she gets bored sitting down and wants to do it all the time. Just a moment ago she thought my hair would be the best vehicle to help her hoist herself up. Double ouch!! Little monkey!

I have had to buy her a big girls cot bed as a consequence. She was sleeping in a small crib but now she is likely to climb out so she is in the travel cot, aka the tent of neglect, until her new bed arrives. The travel cot is brilliant. It’s like a large tent you can take to the beach or outside if you wanted, easy to assemble and can keep her trapped for playing now that she is rolling around. It’s also brilliant because she has this adorable way of settling herself to sleep. She likes to sleep on her side so she rolls over from right to left until she is settled. She always ends up on her left. She can’t do this in the crib as it is too small so she seems to sleep better in it. I hope she settles as well in her new bed.

She can say a plethora of fabulous baby words and noises, including mama. Her new favourite noise is to say ‘ Ha ha ha’ like a maniacal laugh. She also squeals sometimes and just today she mimicked. She copied me when I coughed. When I said ‘Uh Oh’ she tried to do the same noise. So clever! I can’t wait to hear her first proper words!

I am also now introducing more finger foods into her meal times. She loves nibbling on toast soldiers and can demolish a whole piece plus a massive bowl of porridge for breakfast. She also likes strips of chicken and cheese. She’s not too sure about cherry tomatoes, which usually land on the floor. She even decided to share her chicken strips with her mummy- she held them out and I nibbled on them. She thought this was hilarious, giggling wildly and now does it every time. If only I could eat her up!


2 thoughts on “The Baby Chronicles – 8 Months

  1. I loved this age so much and the months you have to come. We wrote down all POD’s firsts up to the age of one so we knew when she did what. Incredible she’s now two and a half! Great to find your blog, have just followed on Twitter 🙂

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