I am too old for this kind of behaviour but seemingly I have a crush. He is hot. He is also 45, 10 years older than me. But he looks good and looks after his appearance – a bit of a silver fox!

I was dreading the date aswell. I joined a well know dating website 2 weeks ago and put as my age bracket for people I would be interested in as 30-40. He politely asked if I would reconsider for him. His photos looked nice and his profile was interesting but lets face it the photos could have been taken 15 years ago. So over a space of a week he worked very hard to get me to say yes to a date. Very charming. I commend his perseverance.

Nevertheless I was dreading the date because what am I going to have in common with a 45 year old? I still feel 22 half the time and although I’ve grown up since becoming a mum, I am very young at heart. I had visions of him turning up in a North Face fleece and awful Dadsie hair.

I was pleasantly surprised and fancied him immediately. The time went quickly but I’m such a novice at dating someone new and I’ve never done it through an online group. Was my topic of conversation boring? Was I asking too many questions about likes and dislikes rather than just chatting normally? Bloody hell – I’m also too old to be analyzing every thing that was said. There were obvious differences and not just our age but I felt comfortable in his company and he had a nice way about him. He also obviously didn’t mind that I had a very young daughter otherwise he wouldn’t have been there.

Now the end of the date was just as awkward as the awful first date but for different reasons. I had had a glass of wine on an empty stomach and was feeling a bit giddy. But he had been driving so had not been drinking so I had to contain my giddiness. But there was no let on from him if he liked me back. Am I one of those people who have no radar for these things? So when we said goodbye it was a pleasant kiss on the cheek and a ‘thanks and nice to meet you’. No date was arranged for another time.  But he did text later saying he had a nice time.

Now it’s been 2 days and still no text. Bugger. What are the rules on these things these days? Texting makes us more impulsive and immediate- gone are the days when you would see someone at the weekend but wouldn’t arrange anything until the Wednesday after. Or are they? Some friends have said he wont text again straight away as that is too keen. Others have said we’re too old to muck about so just text him to show you like him….Oh flipping hell, what to do??
Of course, knowing my luck, he is probably thinking  – “nice girl but do I really have anything in common with her?”….. Well he’s be right. We had zero in common but I think I’m just enjoying dating so want another one just for the fun of it!

All I know is I may not find a Mr Right from doing this online dating business but it is certainly giving me a confidence boost after the ‘Bombshell’ and is a very fun and well needed distraction. In the meantime I have another fella emailing me so hopefully there will be another date in the pipeline!


6 thoughts on “Crush

  1. Go ahead and text him, let him know you had a nice time on the date and you hope he has a good week. Maybe he is just nervious, you never know……. but dating an older man isn’t soooo bad. My husband is 53 and I am 39, I met him when I was 28 and he was 42 and let me tell you he treated me better than any man my age has. Yeah, at first I thought that we couldn’t possibly have anything in common but we did. ….we have plenty!!!

    • Well …..I did text and nothing so far but it was only just now after reading this! I’m totally not against older men. In fact I thnk it’s the way forward as my ex was a total douche bag and a total kid. I guess older means wiser and more respectful. I’m happy for you that you ahve foudn happiness. In the meantime I better get more practise at this dating business! x
      PS – thanks for following my blog!

  2. I am thinking even if it doesnt pan out to a 2nd date its done your confidence and ego a world of good and that has to be good!!

    Thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo

  3. Hello… just happened to discover your blog from Tweeter! I love it! I’m more used to reading beauty blogs but yours is captivating and touching! I think when you’re in the 30s, you don’t have time to lose and if you like someone, then just go for it! If it’s not mutual, at least you’ll know straight away instead of being in the wait! 🙂
    I’d been dating lots after my ex broke up with me about 3 years ago and I found myself in such a depressed state. I wasn’t used to dating again… but it did boost my confidence again! .. especially he dumped me when I was 31! It was the end of the world for me!
    Keep smiling girl! I’m sure good things will come your way soon!

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