The (1st) Date

So I spent 2 hours getting ready: a long soak in the bath, manicure, pedicure and although my sister told me not to, I shaved my legs. Was that the curse that made my first date in 10 years bloody awful?

I guess I needed to get the first one under my belt. I was really nervous and tweeted furiously about my nerves and because he kept me waiting, the tweeting made it look like I was busy.

His photos did not do him justice: as short as me (I’m tiny), bad teeth, bushy eyebrows and far older looking in the flesh. The photos must have been taken yonks ago and he carefully chose ones where his eyebrows and teeth were not on display!

To be fair he was a very nice guy and will make someone very happy, I’m sure but he was just not my cuppa tea. He was not that bright (I’m bloody smart as), a bit rough round the edges and he talked non stop about himself. I dutifully asked him lots of questions expecting the same in return but no. Nada. Niente. Nothing!
So after one drink and only 1 hour later I made my excuses. And the end of the date was so awkward – do you leave with a kiss on the cheek? Do you tell them there and then you don’t want to see them again? I lied. When he said, “see you soon, yeah?”. I said, “Uh, yes of course” and scurried off! Oh dear.

Well, my sister did say it needed to be crap to make the blog more interesting – I hope I didn’t let you down sis?!


2 thoughts on “The (1st) Date

  1. Hilarious. I had some bad ones! One eventful one involved me inadvertently setting an umbrella on fire (it was next to a lit candle) while he went to the loo, in my haste at texting my friends to tell them how awful he was.

  2. My first online dinner date involved a chain smoker who couldn’t finish a course without popping out for a fag. He also lied about his age–54, not 44. Nightmare! Happily I meet my lovely long term boyfriend online so don’t give up hope!

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