The Baby Chronicles – 7 Months

I am convinced you are going to crawl soon. You are stuck on your belly with your head raised proudly and knees bent. You just need to kick start the ignition. I can’t leave you for a second now unless you are in your crib. I left the room for 2 seconds the other day and you were on your tummy rolling around – I wonder where you would have gotten to if my back had been turned for long?

Sleep is still an issue. Just as you started sleeping through, you got poorly and it set you back. Then I dragged you to Hong Kong. Jet lag was a problem and I’m having to work on your sleep habits yet again. A pain but I know we’ll get there as we did once before. Good job you rarely cry in daylight hours and are so damn cute! Everyone says so – not just me but strangers say how bonny and beautiful you are.

You have discovered your voice and your tongue. You constantly make noises like ‘brraaa’ & ‘dadada’. And I say, ‘Oh Yes my darling what else do you know?’ Now, of course I have also been teaching you to say ‘mamama’ as well. This evening on the changing table after bathtime you did it! You also blow bubbles and do this funny clicky clacky thing with your tongue – I think you are practicing for when you need to say words like ‘duck’ or knock’.

I am so proud you that you learnt to wave whilst in Hong Kong. Fancy that: a 7 month old who knows how to say hello! I also think you will be musical as you love the maracas I bought you. It seems to me that you shake them to a rhythm and you are so close to clapping your hands – I must have taught you well.

You’re so clever my darling. You must take after your namesake. I love you so.


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