Our Long Haul Adventure

The bassinette in front of me looks far more uncomfortable than the seat I am sat in, which feels like it barely reclines.  It’s not far off a box. Baby girl is squeezed into as she is a little too long for it. The itchy blanket the airline provides, lies underneath.  I am writing this because I cannot sleep as the air is hot and stuffy. Nothing seems to bother her at all, though and she is sound asleep.

The beauty of being a baby, hey? There I was, all concerned about her ears popping on take off and over-tiredness. There was no need to worry at all.  Once we were seated I zipped her up in her sleeping bag, plonked her on my boob for take off, which was at 21.55 and she was so stimulated and overtired with the excitement of the airport that she promptly fell asleep and has been that way ever since with sporadic moans that boobs help to soothe. I think the darkness and the constant white noise drone of the aircraft help too.

My experience so far of traveling alone with a 6 month old baby has been excellent. I flew from Heathrow and staff there could not have been more helpful. The security man, who I discovered in the space of 2 minutes was a Man Utd fan, helped me with sorting out my handluggage and bottles and collapsing the buggy. I was surprised that they would let me take the buggy all the way to the airplane. I was expecting to have to put it in with my luggage and was prepared with a sling for baby girl to be carried on. It was a pleasant surprise when I could wheel her everywhere with my handluggage in the basket of the buggy.  Once at the gate I was given fast-track treatment to get onto the airplane and they changed my seat so that I would have an empty seat next to me. That is proving a Godsend as all my crap and baby paraphernalia is on that seat and baby girl can sit up on it when she is awake.  I’m flying with BA. The last flight I took was with Easy Jet. The contrast is like day and night. The staff have been very helpful and the food has actually been yummy: Pad Thai for dinner with a chocolate pud for desert. Nom nom nom…..

Now the only issue left to concern me is jet lag. Baby girl and I are on a longhaul adventure to Hong Kong.  12 hours (gulp) on a plane and 8 hours time difference (double gulp). Next time she wakes I will keep her awake, I think…. But all my worries have come to nothing so far. Lets hope jet lag is also put to bed as easily as my daughter in that boxy bassinette.


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