So much to do. So little time…..

Please excuse the hurried and brief post but I’m about to move house and travel long haul on holiday, all with a small baby, all in the next two weeks. Arrgghhh!!

Everything has happened so bloody fast. Separated from my husband, house on the market, house sold and now it’s time to officially move. And it’s only taken 4 months for it all. I’m actually quite excited rather than sad about leaving as I have actually found the perfect little 2 bed cottage for me and baby girl and I didn’t have to move to Cornwall to get it! I only found it on Saturday morning and until then I was feeling kind of homeless: neither here nor there. So that’s number 2 I can cross of the list (what list? Check out ‘The Bombshell..”). It’s still in south Manchester but in a quiet little conservation area I didn’t know existed as it’s hidden from the main streets. When the sun was shining when I went this morning to measure up the place it felt like I could be in Devon or Cornwall. Perfect.

I cannot wait to move and settle in. A fresh start that has nothing to do with my ex or any memories, good or bad, to make me feel sad. In the mean time I have a huge house to pack up, some furniture to sell, other bits to donate to charity that I don’t want to take with me, blog,  tweet, remember to vote for the Bibs, look after a baby and then 3 days after the completion date I fly to Hong Kong to see my dear friend. Phew!

When I get a minute I shall let you all know how I’m getting on!!


6 thoughts on “So much to do. So little time…..

  1. Wow how exciting, I wish someone would make an offer on our house so we could have the stress of moving! Good luck to you making new memories in your lovely home together Bee x

  2. Wow i think your story is every woman’s nightmare! Your an inspiration and i hope you and baby find your happy ending. xx

  3. Inspiring! You are very strong. Have a great time abroad and your daughter will always be a source of strength, mine is, being a Mum has made me a better person. Still pretty crap in some areas, but better! Some men cope with parenthood, some can’t and any that tell you it’s easy are in denial about something! I think the difference is that the vast majority of women have no choice but to get on with it, maternal instinct is very strong once you’ve got over the blues and anxiety. Work is hard, but has pro’s and con’s, a little bit of freedom – thinking about what to have for lunch- is great, guilt at not being there isn’t! But when you pick them up, that special light up they do is priceless. Not normaly this gushy on line, but I think your honesty requires an equal response. Good Luck, but it sounds like you make your own!

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