Getting My Mojo Back.

I didn’t know I had lost my Mojo. Not until I got it back. Maybe I had lost it down the side of the couch – it wasn’t far but I had misplaced somewhere due to my pregnancy and separation from my husband. I realised the other night I had got it back. It took me by surprise as there was a quite a thrill and excitment that came with it, rather than the comfortableness of a long term relationship.

Last weekend, I went on a rare night out to a lush restaurant in the Hilton Hotel in Manchester, courtesy of 2 lovely friends. It was bought as a Christmas present for my errant husband and I but obviously he wasn’t coming! Instead, I took a dear friend who is also single. By the end of the night I think she realised she would have a rival for who could flirt the most. I must have my Mojo back.

I haven’t thought about flirting, or another man in 10 years. Suddenly, I find myself giving a coquettish smile or holding a gaze with any man that takes my fancy. It’s refreshing. It’s fun. It’s liberating. It’s new.

However, having a baby naturally repels a man in some cases. I’m yummy until they find out I’m a mummy! We were flirting so outrageously, by the end of the night the waiter asked where we were heading onto, as if he wanted to join us after his shift. I replied, “I’m going home home to look after my baby”. You could have seen the smoke coming off his heels as he ran off saying, “have a good evening” under his breath! It made us laugh, though – mainly because I haven’t flirted in eons and he was about 22 anyway: Cougar Alert!

I paid the price for that rare night out of good food, good company, good….no an average bottle of wine and flirting. Baby girl decided to cry non-stop from 2-5am! Rude. Does she know Mummy is doing something for herself and not devoting everything to her for once? Hard does not describe it. At one point, I wanted to put her back where she came from!!

Since then, I’ve continued my flirting with various other waiters. Nice and safe until I’m really ready for a new relationship. I guess I will have to do the whole website dating thing when I’m ready because then I can announce my beautiful daughter and you like it or you don’t. It’s out there. In the mean time a harmless flirt will do. Watch out Manchester!


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