The Baby Chronicles – 6 Months

My beautiful baby girl is 1 week away from being 6 months. The time has evaporated and yesterday she did her first roll unaided. We had been practicing for a while now – first thing in the morning I bring her onto my bed and I show her the ropes. A gentle nudge here and a gentle prod of a limb in the right direction and finally she has worked it out for herself. She had such a sense of accomplishment on her cute little face. I was so proud. She did 3 more in a row, which obviously tired her out, as she started yelling that it was time for a nap shortly afterwards.

So what else can you do my darling?

Napping is a breeze but sleep is a battle. Are you ever going to sleep through the night? All the other mums say their babies can do it so why not you? I will work it out – but that’s the one time of the day when you are hard work. Please be kinder to me at night my darling.

You must take after your mummy and aunty as you have expensive tastes and a sweet tooth when in comes to the food I am weaning you on. Pureed mango is your latest favourite. Only the best for my girl! You will happily sip water from a cup but yet to acquire the taste for formula milk. You may keep winning the battle with this one but I will win the war – I will have to as you can’t have my lovely milk when I go back to work. You are getting so clever that you are starting to work out what to do with a spoon – just remember not to throw it on the floor or poke it in your eye!

It is now springtime and the snow has gone. The other day, we met some friends for coffee and you wore your first springtime outfit – complete with your first pair of shoes. For your lunch you ate a whole mashed up banana- you had the sweetest banana breath for the rest of the day. In the afternoon on our lovely walk in the spring sunshine you were so alert and happy. Saying ‘Boo!’ and ‘Sweet patooties!” over and over made you giggle and giggle. Your gorgeous laugh melts my heart and it charmed and disarmed people walking by us too. You are the cutest little thing– everyone thinks so.



7 thoughts on “The Baby Chronicles – 6 Months

  1. You shouldn’t worry about baby girl not sleeping through… She’s only 6 months, that’s tiny still!! Mine slept from 8-5 when he was 7 months, and that was after some controlled crying at 6months to stop the night time wakings at 2am. He’s 2 1/2 and still an early bird (grrr) and still goes through phases of waking in the night. I also think that people sometimes exaggerate about how good their baby is at sleeping…. I keep thinking of the teenage years when we won’t be able to get them out of bed!!! X

    • What a relief to hear this! I guess it gets a bit competitive with other mummies! Baby girl is only tiny and obviously still needs feeds in the night. I least I know she is well fed! xx

  2. I love your blog! You just added me on twitter so I came to peek at who you were, and what a wonderfully honest and beautifully writer you are! I’m looking forward to reading through your archives.

    Ignore whatever other mums tells you too – someone had me in floods once when my girl was four months old as they old me how their same aged baby slept through – till I discovered their definition of ‘slept through’ was midnight – 5am!

    • Thankyou for your tips about sleep and your kind words about my blog – it means a great deal when it comes from a Bibs finalist! Well done! I’m just trying to build up followers. Any top tips? x

      • Oh thank you! I don’t have loads of advice really, as this has all sort of happened without me doing anything! But when I look at what gets the most views etc on my blog, it’s almost always things that were part of linkys or other blog link ups. I post loads on twitter too!

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