The Wonders of Weaning

According to a new survey on the class system, there are now 7 classes in the UK.  In the space of nearly 4 months I have gone from being in the ‘Technical Middle Class’ to the ‘Emergent Service Workers Class’ in one fail swoop of a separation and a sale of a property. Screw that. I’m 35. I’m a professional (in my past life when I worked as well as a professional mummy). I earn a good wage. But most telling is what I wean my baby on: avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash and humous. That definitely makes us middle class!

I have been really enjoying weaning my baby. She is very fussy and refuses bottles and formula and so I did not want her to be a fussy eater so I started weaning early- just on a bit of baby rice. I then progressed to jars of baby rice pudding suitable for 4+ months. She loved it!

But, the jars are expensive and I enjoy cooking. So, now I have a highchair, baby girl can watch me prepare and mash up her foods, which are essentially what I will eat too. My banana sliced for breakfast, guacamole at lunch and a roasted sweet potato for dinner all get mashed for her.  I have also introduced cooled boiled water with her meals. It is in a cup with a rubbery teat to simulate a similar texture to a nipple (not that my nipples are rubbery….oh, but they are thanks to breast feeding!)

Weirdly, she seems to really like the water and yet when I swap it for formula she still turns her nose up. I’m not sure what to do. I want my boobs back in a sexy and supportive bra and wear clothes that don’t require me to lift my top up to discreetley pop my boob out to feed her. I also go back to work soon so she needs to start taking formula. I think I’m going to call the Health Visitor and see if they can help. I hope they can because so far the information they give is no better that what I can find in blogs or forums on the internet- perhaps someone out there reading this can help?!

Anyway, apart from baby girl’s aversion to formula, weaning has been a joy in recent days.  To me, it feels like a fun activity, as good as any you can pay for. She can sit proudly in her high chair. She can eagerly open her mouth for food and is getting to grips with the spoon and holding her cup. She seems to find it highly amusing when I eat some of my version of her food and say ’nom nom nom!’ as if it’s the tastiest thing I have ever eaten. And the face she pulls when she tries something new is a picture. I relish in the mess she makes and love dressing her up in a myriad of long bibs kind friends have bought for her. Her new trick is throwing the bowl on the floor when she has had enough. She has a stubborn streak that is for sure.



4 thoughts on “The Wonders of Weaning

  1. Fab post – I am also looking forward to weaning and it strikes me as an actual activity rather than just shoveling food in. Another great post – this class reclassifying has been a subject of interest for me all week too! Bee x

  2. Hey just a tip that worked for me. Mix expressed with formula and gradually reduce amount of breast milk used.
    Lovely Midwife told me to try it and within a couple of weeks he was happy to take formula.
    hope it helps! X

    • Thanks! I have difficulty expressing though! I’m having some success with her taking formula in her food now and she will sip a little out of a cup. Lets hope I get there – I’, back to work soon!

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