A Healthy Happy Mummy

I had a sudden realisation the other day that I was happy. It is an emotion I was always familiar with in my relationship and I guess I took it for granted. It has taken me 3 months since the ‘Bombshell’ to reclaim that sensation again and I’m certain the speed at which this has happened is due to my beautiful daughter, good friends and family and my ability to adapt to single motherhood and maternity leave. It also helps that every day my daughter makes me smile. She gives me so much love but I only registered ‘happy’ whilst taking her swimming this week. It was joyous. Once I had negotiated the obstacle course of the family changing rooms and got my baby and I changed and set for swimming, we were raring to go. Baby girl loves the water at bath time and at swimming her face beamed and she whooped with glee at the sensation of the weightlessness and the splish splashing in the water. It made my heart melt.

Baby girl must take after me, as I was also a water baby. My Mum tells me that when I was 1 years old I watched my older sister in the water and thought “I’d like to have a go at that”, and launched myself, jumping in the water after my sister. Apparently, that experience, which must have been a shock to the system, did not put me off and although I stopped competitively swimming a long time ago, I still like to swim regularly. So, how was I going to maintain this love of swimming as a single parent? So, with some research, I found a gym with a pool and a crèche. Result.

It is already the best money I have spent in a long while. And I would recommend any mum on maternity leave, who can afford it, (mine is £42 per month) to do the same.  I can also take baby girl swimming there and to baby yoga classes! Best of all, by putting her in the brilliantly run crèche, I get to have some me time. When I swim I relax and my mind can clear. Other days when I swim I use the quiet to collect and process my thoughts. Something about the tranquility and nature of water and a Jakuzzi afterwards, leaves me feeling recharged, refreshed and my thoughts cleansed. Joining the gym has been good for mind body and soul and I figured if I am happy that can only be good for baby girl and for me to pursue moving ‘onwards and upwards‘.

What is good for your mind body and soul?


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