So much to do. So little time…..

Please excuse the hurried and brief post but I’m about to move house and travel long haul on holiday, all with a small baby, all in the next two weeks. Arrgghhh!!

Everything has happened so bloody fast. Separated from my husband, house on the market, house sold and now it’s time to officially move. And it’s only taken 4 months for it all. I’m actually quite excited rather than sad about leaving as I have actually found the perfect little 2 bed cottage for me and baby girl and I didn’t have to move to Cornwall to get it! I only found it on Saturday morning and until then I was feeling kind of homeless: neither here nor there. So that’s number 2 I can cross of the list (what list? Check out ‘The Bombshell..”). It’s still in south Manchester but in a quiet little conservation area I didn’t know existed as it’s hidden from the main streets. When the sun was shining when I went this morning to measure up the place it felt like I could be in Devon or Cornwall. Perfect.

I cannot wait to move and settle in. A fresh start that has nothing to do with my ex or any memories, good or bad, to make me feel sad. In the mean time I have a huge house to pack up, some furniture to sell, other bits to donate to charity that I don’t want to take with me, blog,  tweet, remember to vote for the Bibs, look after a baby and then 3 days after the completion date I fly to Hong Kong to see my dear friend. Phew!

When I get a minute I shall let you all know how I’m getting on!!


Getting My Mojo Back.

I didn’t know I had lost my Mojo. Not until I got it back. Maybe I had lost it down the side of the couch – it wasn’t far but I had misplaced somewhere due to my pregnancy and separation from my husband. I realised the other night I had got it back. It took me by surprise as there was a quite a thrill and excitment that came with it, rather than the comfortableness of a long term relationship.

Last weekend, I went on a rare night out to a lush restaurant in the Hilton Hotel in Manchester, courtesy of 2 lovely friends. It was bought as a Christmas present for my errant husband and I but obviously he wasn’t coming! Instead, I took a dear friend who is also single. By the end of the night I think she realised she would have a rival for who could flirt the most. I must have my Mojo back.

I haven’t thought about flirting, or another man in 10 years. Suddenly, I find myself giving a coquettish smile or holding a gaze with any man that takes my fancy. It’s refreshing. It’s fun. It’s liberating. It’s new.

However, having a baby naturally repels a man in some cases. I’m yummy until they find out I’m a mummy! We were flirting so outrageously, by the end of the night the waiter asked where we were heading onto, as if he wanted to join us after his shift. I replied, “I’m going home home to look after my baby”. You could have seen the smoke coming off his heels as he ran off saying, “have a good evening” under his breath! It made us laugh, though – mainly because I haven’t flirted in eons and he was about 22 anyway: Cougar Alert!

I paid the price for that rare night out of good food, good company, good….no an average bottle of wine and flirting. Baby girl decided to cry non-stop from 2-5am! Rude. Does she know Mummy is doing something for herself and not devoting everything to her for once? Hard does not describe it. At one point, I wanted to put her back where she came from!!

Since then, I’ve continued my flirting with various other waiters. Nice and safe until I’m really ready for a new relationship. I guess I will have to do the whole website dating thing when I’m ready because then I can announce my beautiful daughter and you like it or you don’t. It’s out there. In the mean time a harmless flirt will do. Watch out Manchester!

The Baby Chronicles – 6 Months

My beautiful baby girl is 1 week away from being 6 months. The time has evaporated and yesterday she did her first roll unaided. We had been practicing for a while now – first thing in the morning I bring her onto my bed and I show her the ropes. A gentle nudge here and a gentle prod of a limb in the right direction and finally she has worked it out for herself. She had such a sense of accomplishment on her cute little face. I was so proud. She did 3 more in a row, which obviously tired her out, as she started yelling that it was time for a nap shortly afterwards.

So what else can you do my darling?

Napping is a breeze but sleep is a battle. Are you ever going to sleep through the night? All the other mums say their babies can do it so why not you? I will work it out – but that’s the one time of the day when you are hard work. Please be kinder to me at night my darling.

You must take after your mummy and aunty as you have expensive tastes and a sweet tooth when in comes to the food I am weaning you on. Pureed mango is your latest favourite. Only the best for my girl! You will happily sip water from a cup but yet to acquire the taste for formula milk. You may keep winning the battle with this one but I will win the war – I will have to as you can’t have my lovely milk when I go back to work. You are getting so clever that you are starting to work out what to do with a spoon – just remember not to throw it on the floor or poke it in your eye!

It is now springtime and the snow has gone. The other day, we met some friends for coffee and you wore your first springtime outfit – complete with your first pair of shoes. For your lunch you ate a whole mashed up banana- you had the sweetest banana breath for the rest of the day. In the afternoon on our lovely walk in the spring sunshine you were so alert and happy. Saying ‘Boo!’ and ‘Sweet patooties!” over and over made you giggle and giggle. Your gorgeous laugh melts my heart and it charmed and disarmed people walking by us too. You are the cutest little thing– everyone thinks so.


The Liebster Awards:

Thankyou so very much to Katie D @Mrsdandridge who writes the blog, She kindly nominated me for the Liebster Awards. I was very excited when I received the tweet that she had nominated me!


The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It’s a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow.”

 So – my friends said that after a glass of wine the facts might be funnier. So here goes…

  1.  I once baked a house warming cake for a friend with a key on it but the key looked more like a penis! I was a novice at icing.
  2. I do a really good Scooby- Do impression.
  3. I’m a natural blond.
  4. I hate bad manners.
  5. I hate sharing food (a bit like Joey from friends).
  6. I have 3 tattoos but I only like 1 of them.
  7. I love sunshine, cider, BBQ’s and combining all 3.
  8. David Mitchell (not the one off Peep Show) is my favourite author.
  9. Baby giggles are my new favourite sound.
  10. I’ve learnt I’m strong, good at adapting and a good mummy to my baby girl.
  11. I love ‘Fizzy Fridays’ with my friends.

So here are the questions I have to answer given to me:

1. Outdoors or indoors? Outdoors – I can’t wait to finally see some sunshine this year.

2. What is your most favourite blog post and why? The Bombshell….’ It was the first piece I wrote after separating from my husband. It was very cathartic and started me off on this blogging business.

3. Favourite smell? My baby girl after bathtime

4. What is the place in which you feel most happy?  I’m not sure there is a place I feel happy anymore due to my recent circumstances but I am happy when playing with my daughter.

5. Daddy or chips? My lovely Daddy beats chips every time. But my baby’s Daddy will always be beaten by chips!

6. At what time of day do you usually blog? Once baby girl is in bed at night.

7. Favourite blog post you have read in the last week? I think it was the use of the word ‘Twat’. A lot.

8. Favourite quote?


9. If you could make your own flavour of crisps, what would it be and why? Guacamole. Avacados feature heavily in my diet. I’m also weaning my baby girl on them.

10. If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

In my new home just baby girl and me and all the furniture is unpacked and in it’s place.

  1. If you had a time machine, where would you go and why?

The future. I need to know things get easier and I will have the family life my daughter deserves and I am happy with a new partner…..

My 11 questions I am posing to the fellow bloggers below are:

  1. Cats or Dogs?
  2. If you could live in any period of time when would it be and why?
  3. What is one of your aspirations for the future?
  4. What was one of your most embarrassing moments?
  5. What is your favourite song on the radio at the moment
  6. When was the last time you cried tears of joy?
  7.  What were you doing in the year 2000?
  8. What is your favourite food?
  9. Which Dr Who do you like the best (if any)?
  10. What is your guilty pleasure?
  11. What is your favourite post on your blog and why?

So my 11 nominations are of fellow bloggers who are newbies too and have caught my eye via photographs or my heart and mind with words:

And I know you nominate me but I’m giving the love back:

I hope you enjoy checking out my blog and these too! x

The Wonders of Weaning

According to a new survey on the class system, there are now 7 classes in the UK.  In the space of nearly 4 months I have gone from being in the ‘Technical Middle Class’ to the ‘Emergent Service Workers Class’ in one fail swoop of a separation and a sale of a property. Screw that. I’m 35. I’m a professional (in my past life when I worked as well as a professional mummy). I earn a good wage. But most telling is what I wean my baby on: avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash and humous. That definitely makes us middle class!

I have been really enjoying weaning my baby. She is very fussy and refuses bottles and formula and so I did not want her to be a fussy eater so I started weaning early- just on a bit of baby rice. I then progressed to jars of baby rice pudding suitable for 4+ months. She loved it!

But, the jars are expensive and I enjoy cooking. So, now I have a highchair, baby girl can watch me prepare and mash up her foods, which are essentially what I will eat too. My banana sliced for breakfast, guacamole at lunch and a roasted sweet potato for dinner all get mashed for her.  I have also introduced cooled boiled water with her meals. It is in a cup with a rubbery teat to simulate a similar texture to a nipple (not that my nipples are rubbery….oh, but they are thanks to breast feeding!)

Weirdly, she seems to really like the water and yet when I swap it for formula she still turns her nose up. I’m not sure what to do. I want my boobs back in a sexy and supportive bra and wear clothes that don’t require me to lift my top up to discreetley pop my boob out to feed her. I also go back to work soon so she needs to start taking formula. I think I’m going to call the Health Visitor and see if they can help. I hope they can because so far the information they give is no better that what I can find in blogs or forums on the internet- perhaps someone out there reading this can help?!

Anyway, apart from baby girl’s aversion to formula, weaning has been a joy in recent days.  To me, it feels like a fun activity, as good as any you can pay for. She can sit proudly in her high chair. She can eagerly open her mouth for food and is getting to grips with the spoon and holding her cup. She seems to find it highly amusing when I eat some of my version of her food and say ’nom nom nom!’ as if it’s the tastiest thing I have ever eaten. And the face she pulls when she tries something new is a picture. I relish in the mess she makes and love dressing her up in a myriad of long bibs kind friends have bought for her. Her new trick is throwing the bowl on the floor when she has had enough. She has a stubborn streak that is for sure.


A Healthy Happy Mummy

I had a sudden realisation the other day that I was happy. It is an emotion I was always familiar with in my relationship and I guess I took it for granted. It has taken me 3 months since the ‘Bombshell’ to reclaim that sensation again and I’m certain the speed at which this has happened is due to my beautiful daughter, good friends and family and my ability to adapt to single motherhood and maternity leave. It also helps that every day my daughter makes me smile. She gives me so much love but I only registered ‘happy’ whilst taking her swimming this week. It was joyous. Once I had negotiated the obstacle course of the family changing rooms and got my baby and I changed and set for swimming, we were raring to go. Baby girl loves the water at bath time and at swimming her face beamed and she whooped with glee at the sensation of the weightlessness and the splish splashing in the water. It made my heart melt.

Baby girl must take after me, as I was also a water baby. My Mum tells me that when I was 1 years old I watched my older sister in the water and thought “I’d like to have a go at that”, and launched myself, jumping in the water after my sister. Apparently, that experience, which must have been a shock to the system, did not put me off and although I stopped competitively swimming a long time ago, I still like to swim regularly. So, how was I going to maintain this love of swimming as a single parent? So, with some research, I found a gym with a pool and a crèche. Result.

It is already the best money I have spent in a long while. And I would recommend any mum on maternity leave, who can afford it, (mine is £42 per month) to do the same.  I can also take baby girl swimming there and to baby yoga classes! Best of all, by putting her in the brilliantly run crèche, I get to have some me time. When I swim I relax and my mind can clear. Other days when I swim I use the quiet to collect and process my thoughts. Something about the tranquility and nature of water and a Jakuzzi afterwards, leaves me feeling recharged, refreshed and my thoughts cleansed. Joining the gym has been good for mind body and soul and I figured if I am happy that can only be good for baby girl and for me to pursue moving ‘onwards and upwards‘.

What is good for your mind body and soul?