A Single Mum at 35 & Baby’s first Easter.

For my 35th birthday this year I shared it with Jesus dying. Not so cheery, eh? Thankfully there’s a metaphor here for my life at the moment as, of course, He rose again to new life. My new life as a single mum has already begun but apart from the joy of my beautiful baby girl, I feel far from good. Emotionally I am still making massive adjustments. Baby steps and I know I will get there (sorry for all the metaphors).

My folks came to visit this Easter weekend and because it was my birthday. They got to do some babysitting too. They obviously adore their granddaughter and one of my Mum’s good friends gave baby girl this Easter tree. The idea is that she can add things every Easter to the branches. What a lovely idea as an Easter keepsake. I’m going to buy a little chick to sit in the egg and add mini-eggs every year for when baby girl gets teeth! I thought this was also a lovely idea as an activity to do with older children and for those of you who love a bit of craft.


My birthday was surprisingly good on Good Friday despite recent events. Why? AS well as family my friends spoilt me rotten with laughter, good company, a party, fizz and thoughtful presents.

However, the party made me realise how much I have changed, both out of necessity and survival. I was home by 10.30pm. Say what? In the morning right? Wrong.

But I didn’t mind leaving my friends (who obviously don’t have kids) partying until dawn. I’ve been there done that. I’m a mum now. I’m devoted to my baby girl and if that means showing some restraint on the number of drinks and the time I head home, so be it. I still had fun, still got to chat with everyone and still got a night out, all without the clearing up afterwards (it used to be me hosting the party) and I get to wake up to my beautiful baby girl without the hangover. Fair exchange no robbery.

So, at 35, I am definitely older, wiser, and more….sensible. Gulp. Dare I say it, that I have finally grown up?

Does motherhood mean you have to be a grown up at all times or will my naughty streak be allowed to come out again once in a while?


3 thoughts on “A Single Mum at 35 & Baby’s first Easter.

  1. Hello from a fellow single mum. Firstly, happy birthday! Sorry for how you, as you say, unexpectedly became a single parent, but well done to you for keeping going and keeping a blog really does help therapeutically I find. Just wanted to reach out as a fellow single mum (I have a 4 year old and a 2 month old). Ps. yes, that naughty side can and will come back one day 😉

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes, the kind words and the reasurrance that I can get my naughty head on again in the future! You must be superwoman to be a Mum to 2 little ones all by yourself. I will check out your blog – thanks for checking out mine! x

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