The Baby Chronicles – 5 months

The great philosopher of the 1980’s, Ferris Buellar once said: “Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it”. So true. So true. Where has the time gone? Pregnancy dr___agg______ed and yet time with my beautiful baby girl has whizzed by and here she is at 5 months old. I don’t want to miss her milestones so I shall write them down in ‘My Baby Chronicles’.

She has just learnt to blow bubbles, she can attempt to roll over, hoist herself up so she is nearly sitting, do very smelly farts, squeal with delight, stand with support on my knee and she gets angry with the mirror that hangs down from her play mat – is it her reflection? She knows what she likes and prefers boobs to bottles and the left boob at that! She is being weaned on rice pudding and banana and is even beginning to grab at the spoon to try and put it in her own mouth – clever girl!

However, I am going to have to get strict with her. She has developed the annoying habit of waking up lots in the night and I presumed it was for feeding and have felt like a cow on little sleep. She is just using my boobs as a soother so I need to get her out of that habit as she slept better at 3 months.

But it’s hard when you are a single parent and you on your own (discover how this happened on my page ‘The Bombshell…’), you’re tired and you have no moral support. The best laid plans become the path of least resistance. But no – she is a baby and I am the parent. She must learn to sleep through the night before she goes into her own room. If worst comes to worst I will invest a pair of ear plugs to soften the cries when I’m trying to get her back to sleep without sticking her face in my boobs. Wish me luck!

What could your little one do at 5 months? Do you remember?

What were your struggles as a parent? How did you solve the problems you faced?

Please comment as I would love to hear about your little ones and how you coped with the little problems they threw at you.


3 thoughts on “The Baby Chronicles – 5 months

  1. My god are they 5 months! I’ve been merrily telling people she is 14/15 weeks! Pip is rolling but not eating. I hate weaning #one outfit/meal #needsharesinVanish

  2. Ah that’s a lovely age. I seem to remember sleep training too around this time. It was very tough and took about a week to crack. I have never been more tired, or miserable, but it was worth it. We sleep trained both ours and we generally get a full nights sleep these days (they are 3 and 1).

    Good luck, looking forward to reading more chronicles x

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