Happy Mothers Day

Well, it’s Mothers Day. Lie in? Breakfast in bed? Bunch of flowers? Ha ha ha ha ha! What a good joke – not if you’re a single mum. My beautiful baby girl gave me the gift of a massive poo that spead all up her back instead. Bless.

So, I wondered if my baby could talk what would she say to me on this day, my first Mothers Day?……

A Letter to my Mummy:

I thought I would put into words how much I appreciate and love you, Mummy.

I can’t speak properly yet but you know when I make those cute noises and you say “Oh really”? Well, that noise, is me telling you that I love you.

Thank you very much for the lovely milk from your boobies. They’re great. I know you are trying to get me to go onto formula and I keep turning my nose up at it but it’s just not the same because you are warm and squidgy and you give good cuddles.

I also love chillin’ with you and watching telly together. I really enjoy tummy time and get excited when you bounce me on your knee and make me clap my hands and pretend I am riding a horsey. I can’t wait until I can crawl and sit up on my own – I’m nearly there! I know you will be proud of me when I do.

Thank you for taking such good care of me all on your own. You keep me lovely and clean every night with a soothing bath and I really like the oils you rub on my skin so that I smell nice. I enjoyed going to the swimming pool for the first time last weekend. Thank you for taking me – it was a bit chilly at first but I didn’t cry and the splish splashing in the water really relaxed me. I slept well that night! . Do you think I will be good at swimming like you?

Sometimes I dribble, puke, poo or pee on my nice clean outfits you choose for me. Sorry about that. I can’t help it – I’m only 4 months old! But then again, I don’t think you mind at all as you are always smiling and singing funny songs to me. They make me giggle and make me happy.

Happy Mothers Day.



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