Moving On

So my house has sold. Swift work.

My emotions of sadness are fading because realistically it is just bricks and mortar. Baby girl and my personal possessions will make the next place a home. I’m already thinking of placing some furniture on Gumtree or Ebay so I can replace with uncompromising homeware. I think I will even source a few pieces of furniture to customise like I have in the past. Out goes the black and nod to masculinity. It’s girlie all the way for me and my baby girl. Friends have already recommended some unashamedly soft, soft furnishing websites. Can’t wait.

I have also applied for baby girl’s passport and booked a flight to visit a dear friend I went to school with. Hong Kong. Long Haul. Can’t wait.

Anther great friend told me I needed lots of milestones and things to look forward to keep me afloat as a single mum this year. Baby girl keeps me afloat all by herself. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. However, finding a new place to live and a holiday will do nicely too.

I have also recently discovered my baby enjoys Hip Hop music. This was courtesy of a very good friend (Hey Karen!). This would have been much to the shagrin of her Dad, who is a music snob. So now, even my music tastes can be uncompromising all because baby girl loves a bit of rhyme. Me being me and more than a little silly like to sing baby related alternatives. My favourite at the moment is Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah. But instead of ‘Drinking from the Bottle’, it’s ‘Drinking from the boobie’, especially for baby girl. Well – it amuses me, anyway.



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