Review: Art Baby Whitworth Museum, Manchester

Trades description act would have a field day. The only art were the pieces on display. No baby is going to appreciate the art on the walls in the room it took place in. However, baby girl did like a bit of tummy time on some silvery grey crunchy material. She also liked lying in some silver ribbons and having tinsel tickled and stroked upon her face.

The musician was quite nice background noise but my baby is not old enough to notice or care for a lady playing an acoustic guitar. Baby girl prefers her mummy singing silly made up songs. The best bit, for me, about the hour was getting out of the house to a cool building with a very nice cafe selling awesome coffee and brownies. As with these baby toddler events it’s the mums who appreciate it the most, especially me as a single mum as it constitutes a social life. Rock and roll.

Would I go again?  Yes – because it’s free, there’s a good café and better when baby girl is a bit older and can sit/crawl.

Art Baby: 
EvImageery Wednesday 10.15 – 11.15am 
or 11.30am – 12.30pm

Creative sensory, discovery and play sessions accompanied by a musician. Especially designed for babies before they learn to walk.

Booking is essential: 0161 275 7450


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