My Valentine

valentines day 106My heart sings when you giggle. My heart sings when you do something new: gripping, growing, gurgling and rolling. My heart sings when you wake in the morning and you smile when my face appears over your crib. Sometimes you shout at me when I leave the room. I know then, that you love me too and miss me already. You are nearly 4 months old now and the time has flown.  I love being your Mummy. You keep me busy and the love I feel makes me strong.

The Greeks were right to have many different words for love. Love is complex and comes in many shades and colours. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I know that this kind of love never dies.

You are my Valentine this year, baby girl. You will be every year as I will always be there for you whatever the year shall bring.


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