Moving On

So my house has sold. Swift work.

My emotions of sadness are fading because realistically it is just bricks and mortar. Baby girl and my personal possessions will make the next place a home. I’m already thinking of placing some furniture on Gumtree or Ebay so I can replace with uncompromising homeware. I think I will even source a few pieces of furniture to customise like I have in the past. Out goes the black and nod to masculinity. It’s girlie all the way for me and my baby girl. Friends have already recommended some unashamedly soft, soft furnishing websites. Can’t wait.

I have also applied for baby girl’s passport and booked a flight to visit a dear friend I went to school with. Hong Kong. Long Haul. Can’t wait.

Anther great friend told me I needed lots of milestones and things to look forward to keep me afloat as a single mum this year. Baby girl keeps me afloat all by herself. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. However, finding a new place to live and a holiday will do nicely too.

I have also recently discovered my baby enjoys Hip Hop music. This was courtesy of a very good friend (Hey Karen!). This would have been much to the shagrin of her Dad, who is a music snob. So now, even my music tastes can be uncompromising all because baby girl loves a bit of rhyme. Me being me and more than a little silly like to sing baby related alternatives. My favourite at the moment is Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah. But instead of ‘Drinking from the Bottle’, it’s ‘Drinking from the boobie’, especially for baby girl. Well – it amuses me, anyway.



Review: Art Baby Whitworth Museum, Manchester

Trades description act would have a field day. The only art were the pieces on display. No baby is going to appreciate the art on the walls in the room it took place in. However, baby girl did like a bit of tummy time on some silvery grey crunchy material. She also liked lying in some silver ribbons and having tinsel tickled and stroked upon her face.

The musician was quite nice background noise but my baby is not old enough to notice or care for a lady playing an acoustic guitar. Baby girl prefers her mummy singing silly made up songs. The best bit, for me, about the hour was getting out of the house to a cool building with a very nice cafe selling awesome coffee and brownies. As with these baby toddler events it’s the mums who appreciate it the most, especially me as a single mum as it constitutes a social life. Rock and roll.

Would I go again?  Yes – because it’s free, there’s a good café and better when baby girl is a bit older and can sit/crawl.

Art Baby: 
EvImageery Wednesday 10.15 – 11.15am 
or 11.30am – 12.30pm

Creative sensory, discovery and play sessions accompanied by a musician. Especially designed for babies before they learn to walk.

Booking is essential: 0161 275 7450

My Valentine

valentines day 106My heart sings when you giggle. My heart sings when you do something new: gripping, growing, gurgling and rolling. My heart sings when you wake in the morning and you smile when my face appears over your crib. Sometimes you shout at me when I leave the room. I know then, that you love me too and miss me already. You are nearly 4 months old now and the time has flown.  I love being your Mummy. You keep me busy and the love I feel makes me strong.

The Greeks were right to have many different words for love. Love is complex and comes in many shades and colours. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I know that this kind of love never dies.

You are my Valentine this year, baby girl. You will be every year as I will always be there for you whatever the year shall bring.

Cheeky Monkey

“Cheeky cheeky monkey!” I squidge baby girl’s cheeks and touch her ears. “Cheeky cheeky monkey!” I repeat the process over and over so she grins and giggles. Her giggle has a little snort on the end and when she gets excited she pants and puffs. She is my pickle popple! Suddenly, she squeals! Baby girl’s noises sound like a menagerie. She has definitely perfected her cheeky monkey noise and  she has a pout to match.

For Sale

It’s 4 am. Baby girl has just woken up and decided that it’s playtime. She has that glint in her eye and that cute smile she has just perfected. Must not look her in the eye. Must not look her in the eye – oh, but she is so gorgeous! Finally, after an hour, she settles back to sleep clamped to my boob. I wake with a start – how long have I dropped off for? God – what if I’d dropped the baby? I relax when I realize I’ve had about 30 minutes more of sleep. Better than nothing.

However, I’m not looking forward to my day. It’s going to be especially hard. The ‘For Sale’ sign went up on my house yesterday and the estate agents have called telling me they have lined up 3 viewings. It is so incredibly sad: I thought it was going to be our family home and I have put effort into making it a home over the years, with little personal touches. But it has too many memories and I’m rattling around in a big 3 bed house, just me and baby girl. So, with limited sleep, I need to clean the house. It’s been a while, since I have had a good clean, what with baby girl taking up all my energies.

Well- the cleaning hasn’t been too bad considering it had to be punctuated with a million nappy changes and baby distraction techniques. And it’s been quite therapeutic. Good job babies love the sound of the hoover.

I suppose it’s not just the house I’m going to move from. Being a Mum has already meant I have moved on socially. A night out? What’s that?  Friends have been amazing though, especially those with kids. Their empathy has been wonderful in actions and words. They get it.

I emotionally need to move on too.  I have to. It will be unhealthy for me to dwell on being a singled mum. If Mum is happy then baby girl will be happy. Where will my life now take me? Will this blogging malarkey take off? And who says family has to be Mum and Dad living under one roof? I will be strong enough on my own and a good role model for baby girl.  I just need to find that 2 bed cottage so I can create a new family home and then I can cross number 2 on the list from my dreams for the future ( see the Bombshell of being an Unexpected Singled Mum). Oh dear Lord! – I’ve just realized another terrible word association with houses for ‘sale’. I suppose I’m technically ‘back on the market’. What a horrific thought right now! And I’m certainly not going to be ‘bought’ by anyone. Any relationship in the future will have to be worth my while and benefit both myself and my daughter. I’m not for sale.